Management system training programmes are conducted with an aim to develop a healthy culture of implementation of the ISO standards in industries. as well as other need brand programs.

The ISO Training helps the organization to understand the basic requirements of the standard, ISO Training helps organization how to implement the ISO standard and creates an interest to the people involved in the ISO Standard Implementation. ISO Training helps to create the core team for the implementation of the ISO standard. ISO Training helps to create a team for the internal audits which adds a value to the organizational process.

In addition to that there are Lead Auditor courses which helps the individuals to become competent auditors for auditing management systems with respect to the Quality- ISO 9001, Environmental Management System- ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety- OHSAS 18001/ ISO 45001, Food Safety Management System- ISO 22000, HACCP, Energy Management System- ISO 50001, Information Security Management System- ISO 27001, Quality System for Medical Devices Manufacturing- ISO 13485, Anti Bribery Management System- ISO 37001 and many more ISO Standards.

  • The Awareness training programs is basically for the senior management teams to drive the implementation of the ISO Standard In their Organization.
  • The awareness training programs for the employees at all levels to develop understanding of the requirements of the standards which is useful for the implementation of the ISO standard.
  • Implementation training program is for the core team which is responsible for the implementation across the company.
  • Internal Auditor training courses is to develop a team of internal auditors who can verify the level of documentation and implementation of the ISO standard in the company.

Awareness and Internal Auditor Training for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 26001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 50001, ISO 31001, ISO 37001, IATF 16949 and various other management system standards.


IQEMS has Announced 1st online Training in collaboration with Intertech India, New Delhi

IQEMS Training Programmes

We are now approved training partnership of  DGFASLI, MOLE, Govt of India for 1 Month Supervisior under 4IC(b) of Indian Factories Act 1948. Approved Letter.

Programme Name Faculty Duration
In-house / External
Management System
Awareness Training (ISO 45001:2018) In-house 2 Days
Awareness Training (ISO 22000:2018) In-house 2 Days
Awareness Training (ISO 50001:2018) In-house 2 Days
Training on requirements for greenhouse gas validation (ISO 14065) In-house 2 Days
Training on Management System on Social Responsibility (ISO 26001) In-house 2 Days
Training on Risk Management (ISO 31001) In-house 2 Days
Anti bribery Management System (ISO 37001) In-house 2 Days
Training on Energy Management (ISO 50001) In-house 2 Days
Quality Tools
“5S” for Good House Keeping In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Safety and Fire  Tools
Behavior Based Safety In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Training on EHS Legislation In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Training on Industrial Safety Management based on Indian Factories Act & Rules thereof In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Training on Fire & Electrical Safety meeting NFPA & IE Rules. In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
First Aid Training as per the guidelines of British Council for Safety & Health. In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Onsite Emergency Plan & how to make it effective meeting factory rules for MAH Industries In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Occupational ill health based on Industry Exposures other than the 29 listed Occupational Diseases. In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Training on Fire fighting and emergency rescue. In house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Advance Programmes (Soft Skills)
Stress Management & Work Life Balance External 2 Days
Motivation in work Place External 1 Day
Attitude for Success External 2 Days
Art of Living Successfully External 1 Day
Effective Office Management In-house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)
Asset Optimization using AI/IOT Technology In-house 2 Days
Competency Assessment & Competence Evaluation External 1 Day
Sustainable Development in Mining and use Industry External 2 Days
Leadership & Personality Development External 1 Day
Communications & Presentation Skills In-house/ External 1 Day
Time Management in Mid Management External 1 Day
Water Management and Monitoring In-house/ External 1 Day
Digital  Mining & HSE In-house/ External 1 Day
Industry 4.0 Solutions In-house/ External 1 Day
Smart Agri Business In-house/ External 1 Day
Total Quality Management Tool
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) External 2 Days
Roadmap for TQM Implementation In-house 2 Days (6 hrs per day)

IQEMS conducts specific training programmes to meet specific requirements of organizations. These are held either at IQEMS Campus or at other locations desired by the sponsoring organizations. The Fee for the above courses are given on request and customized according to the suitability of the requirements.


Eminent persons with years of experience in practicing various TQM Tools and Techniques including Management Systems Standards.

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