Our Managed Services For Coal and Non-Coal Mining

We at IQEMS (Institute of Quality & Environment Management Services), Bhubaneswar, Odisha  are teamed up with industries expert and academia both in India and outside of the country.

Er. D. Sethi (Former GM Mines, RMD, SAIL) has handled mining operations as well as discharged the duties of mine agents and is hands on for entire mining activities.

Er. N.K Mishra (Former DGM mines, M/s  IMFA Ltd.) has handled all statuary provisions and mining operations in Odisha & outside Odisha.

IQEMS has technical collaboration with IPACS Australia, Robert Bosch, Reactor SA & Academic relation with IIT Khadagpur, Department of Mining Engineering and IIT, BHU, Department of Mining Engineering and has taken up IBM annual survey work under rule 34A for non-coal survey.

One of the largest Asia’s Mining BAHGHLIMALI Mines of Utkal Alumina surveyed by IQEMS successfully and IBM appreciated the work. We are confident to offer the technically detailed perspective on the mining projects feasibility at all stages of mine development and operations. We also offer to optimise output, analysed, reduce risk and improve safety with maximising profitability.

We have the team for imparting training on Mining project, Operations, Compliance of statutory provisions, Environment Management Plan etc.

Types of Services

  • DGPS & Drone Survey
  • Obtaining Statutory Clearances/ Licenses from different Govt. Authorities i.e. Directorate of Mining & Geology of the concerned state, DGMS, IBM, SPCB, MOEF, CGWA, Explosives Department etc.
  • Open Pit Mine Design & Planning
  • Mining Geology For Planning and Optimization of the Output
  • Mining Operations & Providing Assistance in effective Drilling, Blasting, Excavation, Quality Control, Transporting, Maintenance of HEMM & Crushing plants.
  • Review & Monitoring of all the activities in Mines
  • Mining Risk Assessments & Solutions to Technical Issues


This is the pro forma for the submission of mining proposals under Part 2 of the Statutory Guidelines for Mining Proposals.

To be considered small mining operations for the purposes of these guidelines:

1.The activities must not be for the mining of uranium, mineral sands or rare earth elements; and

2.The activities must be limited to the following activities:

a. Scraping and detecting.
b. Dry blowing.
c. The following activities for a total footprint in the mining proposal of 10 hectares (ha) or less :

i. Mining excavations (pits, costeans, quarries, shafts, winzes, harvesting, dredging), leaching operations and tailing
treatment operations.
ii. Any construction activities incidental or conducive to the activities including plant, tailings storage facilities and
overburden dumps.

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