ISO 9001:2008 is the foundation of most sector-specific Quality Management System (QMS) standards, such as for physical or biomedical laboratories, medical devices, automotive and aerospace sectors, etc. Adopted as national standard by most countries, ISO 9001 is also the choice of more than a million organizations for their QMS and a major strategic element in the supply chain. Auditors of suppliers’ QMS have an important role to play in the qualification and surveillance of suppliers, in addition to or in the absence of third-party certification.


This 3-day course on QMS auditing, reflects the requirements of the ISO 19011:2011 standard – Guidelines for Management Systems Auditing – which is the framework for audits of management systems, whether relative to quality, environmental, health and safety, or other organizational goals. Following a refresher on ISO 9001:2008, through exchanges on audit situations, the course teaches the principles related to, and techniques applicable to, supplier external auditing. The course gives a particular attention to the process approach and auditing scantly documented processes.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for auditors performing or leading audits of suppliers of their organization – or third-party audits – as well as for personnel performing surveillance of supplier QMS, whether certified or not. The course provides a solid start-up for new auditors or a useful refresher for auditors already having some experience.


A good prior knowledge or degree of familiarity with ISO 9001:2008, or any ISO 9001:2008-based standard, is necessary for an effective transfer of knowledge and abilities.


For an external audit to generate a good appreciation of an organization QMS, it must have been carefully planned and prepared. A flexible yet effective auditing technique, communication abilities, rigorous documentation and systematic follow-up are all required of an auditor. The course offers the opportunity for participants to rediscover the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 through the inquisitiveness of the auditor and ISO quality management principles. The course presents proven methods for evaluating a QMS. Practical workshops will guide participants step by step through the auditing process, starting from audit planning through to preparing audit conclusions. You will learn how to avoid some common traps. You will have the opportunity for in-depth exchanges with a seasoned certified professional auditor as well as sharing with other participants. The course, combined with academic achievement and audit experience, will allow participants to perform effective audits and to lead audit teams.

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